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Flim Flam Flum, KK Outlet, London, UK


A Watery Line, The Tetley, Leeds, UK
2nd Anniversary Show, Island, Hamburg, DE
This Is How We Walk, Kunstraum, Berlin, DE
Pick Me Up, Somerset House, London, UK


New Abstract, Print house, London, UK
Chubby Stumps, 38b, London, UK


Untitled, Das Magasin, Hamburg, GE
HVAL, Kornel, Antwerp, BE
Primaries, YES, Cincinnati, US
Now Or Ever, Ter Dilft, Bornem, BE


Real Time, Good Press Gallery, Glasgow, UK
Posters Fo' Sho', Regent Studios, London, UK
Odd Collection, Newcastle Arts Centre, UK
Colossal Tomb, Dama Aflita, PT
Pick Me Up, Somerset House, London, UK


Turn Up The Colour, Analogue Books, Edinburgh, UK
Art Trek 7, Mekanik Strip, Antwerp, BE
Pick Me Up, Somerset House, London, UK
AM / FM, Harewood House, Leeds, UK
Rotate, Contemporary Art Society, London, UK
If You Could Collaborate, A-Foundation, London, UK