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Nicolas Burrows is an artist, illustrator and musician from the British Isles. He is one-third of Nous Vous, a small and close-knit collective collaborating on graphic design work, illustration, exhibitions and other self-initiated projects.

His practice is informed by the language of graphic design and the originality of outsider art, incorporating drawing & painting, collage, digital processes, printmaking, applied/ graphic art, music performance and writing.

Nicolas makes and plays music under the name Glaciers.



Computer Love



Untitled, Das Magasin, Hamburg, GE
HVAL, Kornel, Antwerp, BE
Primaries, YES, Cincinnati, US
Now Or Ever, Ter Dilft, Bornem, BE


Real Time, Good Press Gallery, Glasgow, UK
Posters Fo' Sho', Regent Studios, London, UK
Odd Collection, Newcastle Arts Centre, UK
Colossal Tomb, Dama Aflita, PT
Pick Me Up, Somerset House, London, UK


Group Show, Howies, Bristol, UK
Turn Up The Colour, Analogue Books, Edinburgh, UK
Art Trek 7, Mekanik Strip, Antwerp, BE
Pick Me Up, Somerset House, London, UK
AM / FM, Harewood House, Leeds, UK
Rotate, Contemporary Art Society, London, UK
If You Could Collaborate, A-Foundation, London, UK


Massive Contact, Square Yard, Newcastle, UK
Heavy Bones, Analogie Books, Edinburgh, UK
Morphic Resonance, PSL, Leeds, UK
Big Fire, Jaguar Shoes, London, UK


Hot Sausage, Rhysandhannahpresent, Bristol, UK
Listen To Your Heart, MOHS, Copenhagen, DK
When My Eyes Are Closed, The Old Shoreditch, London UK